Our Story

The Empress Walk began in 2017 as a result of a community coming together to help one of its members in need.  Tanish, a young Jamaican Canadian woman was facing a serious family crisis.  Her mother, Coline Gordon, only 42 years old, lives in Jamaica with cancer.  Her leg was amputated to avoid further spread of the disease and as anyone can imagine, their lives dramatically changed and her mother's mobility severely restricted.

Tanish and her mother struggled to pay for the surgery and ongoing medical bills.  The vision of The Empress Walk was for a giving community of friends to raise money towards the purchase of a prosthetic leg for Coline Gordon.  The first Empress Walk took place on October 28, 2017 at the Dream Resto Lounge in Markham, Ontario.  The event featured local designers, stylists, makeup artists, speakers, singers and many others volunteering their time and talents to bring awareness to the cause.  We raised $2,167 CDN.

Like our motto suggests, This Is Your Walk', we support each individual's journey towards recovery, overcoming the barriers to health and wellness one woman at a time.